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Our Story

Ultra Brush® is a project launched in September 2017 in Munich by Dr. Max Spicer, professional dentist for 21 years, and Marco Koller, sales executive in a famous cosmetics brand.

During a seminar in the USA we discovered a new way to brush teeth effectively and effortlessly with a revolutionary electric brush. However, the cost of it was very high ($ 800) and reserved only for a very affluent clientele. Aware of the efficiency and potential of this device we decided to develop the research and development of an identical electric toothbrush but at a price suitable for the large public.

After 2 years of research, investment and effort, we did it !

In November 2018 we launched our financing project on the platform Crowdfunding Ulule and with the participation of 642 contributors we were finally able to start production on a large scale.

January 2019 was a great turning point and culmination of our adventure during our participation at CES Innovation 2019 in Las Vegas. Each year, the CES Innovation Awards honor the most innovative consumer technology innovations, in terms of design or engineering.


Our values

Our values ​​define who we are. They are the foundation of our organization and guide our actions and behavior since the beginning of the adventure. They influence how we work together, support our customers and engage with our stakeholders.

Our company puts all its energy to offer you a product of the highest quality and at a fair price.

Our practice of respect, efficiency, caring and safety will always be focused on your needs.

Innovation is also one of our founding values. We will never forget that our society was created by research and development. Innovation is essential because the beauty of your teeth is an endless quest that always calls for more performance. To constantly push the boundaries of knowledge is to open new ways to create truly different and surprising products. That's why we are currently working on our new projects that we hope to present to you very soon.


Our team, our strength

We are pleased to have 10 employees today in our offices.

Our team is present daily to give you clear advice and to bring you all their experience in the service of your oral health.

Passionate and determined, we share a common goal: the satisfaction of our customers.


Ultra Brush® is us, you and your smile !

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