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Ultra Brush® Kids

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Ultra Brush® Kids is the world's first fully automatic toothbrush for kids. The Ultra Brush patented device brushes all your teeth at the same time and finishes in just thirthy seconds. We invented Ultra Brush® Kids with the goal of making brushing for kid’s fun and efficient

Designed by parents to help make the experience of brushing their kids' teeth easy. Ultra Brush® Kids can brush your kids teeth in 30 seconds, as it is cleaning all your teeth simultaneously.



One of the biggest issues for parents…is getting their kids to brush their teeth!. When kids finally do brush, it may not be effective and certainly not fun. Ultra Brush® Kids was developed to put the FUN into brushing teeth!

Ultra Brush® Kids is the fun solution for kids! It takes away the headache of a daily “chore”. And guess what…parents like it too!

Furthermore, standard toothbrushes do not clean the mouth properly, especially in children who start using them early. As a parent, you will then have to pay a lot of money for dental care afterwards.

To overcome this problem, the research center Ultra Brush® has created an ultrasonic toothbrush for children through which brushing teeth is fun, faster and more effective.



Our technology creates a unique cleaning action that forces fluid between teeth and along the gums to dislodge plaque, in a gentle yet effective cleaning for kids. In general, the advantage of a sonic toothbrush is that it cleans teeth beyond just conventional tooth scrubbing, it also creates a second cleaning action that helps to disrupt dental plaque beyond where the tips of the bristles actually touch.

All your kids need to do is simply bite down, press a single button, have fun for 30 seconds, and have perfectly clean teeth!

The Ultra Brush® mouthpiece is soft enough to provide a gentle clean but strong enough to clean your teeth effectively. It can be cleaned by normal rinsing, as with regular toothbrushes.


Recommended by dentists, the Importance of these method is as follow :

  • Effective in cleaning the gums
  • Cleanses perfectly the space between tooth
  • More Free Time


Made with heat-resistant, non-toxic, non-sticky, odorless, food grade liquid silicon. Ultra Brush® Kids is nitrosamine free and complies with FDA standards.

Ultra Brush® Kids offers a perfect clean without the struggle. Most young children do not have the manual dexterity to brush properly, leaving behind germs and bacteria that can cause bad breath, tooth decay and gingivitis.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "favicons box" Package includes:

1 x Ultra Brush® Kids
1 x Charging station
1 x USB charging cable
1 x English user manual

Additional information
✔️Eliminates bacteria
✔️360° brushing effect
✔️Dentist approved
✔️BASS technique cleaning method
✔️ Safe & Fun to use continuously
✔️Battery: 2 hours
✔️Weight: 110g

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